Why Women Love Daytime Pick Up

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Video Transcript:

Jon: Excuse me. Sorry, can I just tell you something really, really quickly?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: Okay. I literally just so you over there and…

Girl: Yeah, and I was about to fall.

Jon: Were you? No no no. I didn’t see. You’re lucky I didn’t see. But no, I saw you and I thought you looked really really nice.

Girl: Well, thank you.

Jon: So I want to come over and say hello. So hello.

Girl: Well hi.

Jon: I’ll tell you what I noticed about you… You’ve got a very unusual look. It’s very non-English.

Girl: Oh. Maybe that’s because I’m not from here.

Jon: Yeah, I thought there’s no way, no way English people look like this. From a distance you actually looked I thought kind of exotic so I was going
to guess somewhere maybe like Brazil, but now actually up close I think you’re Scandinavian. Because of your eyes.

Girl: Not even. I’m ah, I’m actually from Canada. Montreal. Do you know that?

Jon: Yeah.

Girl: That city, so I’m Canadian.

Jon: You’re from Canada?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: No. You see, Canadian people they don’t dress in this way and they don’t have the accent that you have.

Girl: Yeah, but maybe because I’m French Canadian.

Jon: Ah, okay. Maybe that’s what it is. Because I find, I don’t know, sometimes Canadian the accent can be a bit funny. You know the way they say um.. Like about, they say aboot.

Girl: About.

Jon: Aboot. You know what I mean?

Girl: Yes, I do but we all have our you know there’s a difference between the English accent for Canadian and the French. When the French Canadians speak in English the accent, there’s a big gap in about.

Jon: Sure.

Girl: I don’t know why but…

Jon: Yeah, you sound like you’ve got a very faint French accent.

Girl: Yes.

Jon: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s quite nice actually, I have to say. Nicer than an English or an American-Canadian accent. (

Girl: And so you just, you just do this?

Jon: Do what?

Girl: Like… It’s funny the way you just come at me. You just came at me and just…

Jon: Well, I said I saw you and I thought you looked really, really nice so I thought I’d have to go over and talk to you, you know.

Girl: Well, it’s a very gentle way to do things. Because in Montreal guys wouldn’t do such things.

Jon: No?

Girl: No. They would go more like ‘Hey.’ They’re not, they’re not…

Jon: They’re more vulgar and aggressive.

Girl: Yes. Yes.

Jon: Okay. I could understand that wouldn’t be very for for a for a woman.

Girl: Yes.

Jon: You know?

Girl: But it’s the right way to do things, the way you did that.

Jon: I’m pleased. So you’re from Canada?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: And now you you live in London?

Girl: No. I, I arrived today.

Jon: Okay.

Girl: Yes, I’m one of my friends came for work and so she has an apartment. And so here I am and I’m going to uh, join her for the 5 to 7 event. In French we say (French word) So it’s 5 to 7 it’s the…

Jon: Well you mean like the time after work?

Girl: Yes. It’s the time after work. You go for a drink.

Jon: You have a specific name for that?

Girl: Yeah, you go for an after-work drink.

Jon: Oh, okay. After-work drinks. Okay, I got you. I understand. How long you here for?

Girl: 10 days.

Jon: Okay. Cool. Yeah. Um, so what’s your name?

Girl: Laurence.

Jon: Laurence?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: Wow, that’s a…

Girl: It’s usually a boy’s name in English. Like with a W…

Jon: Lawrence.

Girl: Lawrence. But my name is with “au” instead of a “w” so it’s Laurence.

Jon: Laurence?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: That’s got a very French, you know, sound to it. Well, my name isn’t as exotic as that. It’s Jon.

Girl: Well, it’s easy for me to remember it then.

Jon: Yeah. But actually my full name is Jonathan. But everyone calls me Jon. You know.

Girl: Yeah. It’s shorter and good to remember.

Jon: Yeah, yeah. So what do you do back in uh… Canada? Do you study?

Girl:I’m a student.

Jon: Okay. What do you study?

Girl: Human resources and industrial relations, which concerns everything around negotiation and uh… I don’ know how to explain it actually. It’s uh… The convention when you have a contract between the employer and the employee.

Jon: Yeah, I understand.

Girl: With the rules and all those things.

Jon: H.R.

Girl: Yeah.

Jon: Okay. So you study H.R. and um…

Girl: Are you going this way or that way?

Jon: Huh? Oh, I’m going that way. Yeah. You say H.R. and what is it, industrial relations?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: That sounds incredibly boring I have to say.

Girl: Yes, it is.

Jon: So why would you, why would you choose to study these things?

Girl: Because I just don’t know what I would like to do so I though I would go for something that is big and large so that way I can do almost anything and go for any business.

Jon: I see.

Girl: And choose what I would like to do.

Jon: So you get your degree and then you can just go and do something completely different?

Girl: Exactly.

Jon: That’s fair enough. I always hated the H.R. people. When I used to work in an office…

Girl: Yes.

Jon: I found them really annoying and patronizing. You know?

Girl: Yeah, and they think they know everything and they think they’re the center of the business but really it’s not really at all.

Jon: Yeah, yeah. Do you ever watch, you know, “The Office”?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: The American one?

Girl: Yep. I do.

Jon: Do you know Toby?

Girl: Yeah.

Jon: He’s the H.R. guy. And then Michael hates him. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Girl: We all hate him actually.

Jon: Huh?

Girl: We all hate him actually, almost.

Jon: Yeah.

Girl: Like, it’s a funny… Well… I really have to go.

Jon: You have to go. Alright.

Girl: And by the way, how far from here is Bond Street?

Jon: Actual Bond Street or Bond Street Station?

Girl: Bond Street. The actual.

Jon: Not far. Like probably 5 minutes or so. I think it’s the other side of I think it runs parallel with Oxford Street. Just the other side. Yeah.

Girl: Okay. Thank you very much.

Jon: Alright, well listen Laurence… Um, I would love to invite you out sometime while you’re here.

Girl: Okay.

Jon: Yeah?

Girl: So, maybe we should share… But my phone number is really weird.

Jon: Ok. Well, why’s that?

Girl: I think you have to dial the 0 before but I’m not sure. So maybe you should…

Jon: You have a French Canadian number?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: So it’s the dialing code for Canada?

Girl: Yes. I think it’s 0 or 1. But I’m not sure.

Jon: So it would be 00 and then the dialing code for Canada and then your number?

Girl: No. I think it would be 01.

Jon: Okay. Do you have your phone on you?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: I tell you what… I’ll give you my number and then just give me a ring. Because otherwise… Yeah. Because America is 001.

Girl: Really? Okay, so it’s the same for us.

Jon: America is 001. I don’t know. But I’ll give you my number and then uh…

Girl: Okay.

Jon: 0044. That’s it. Yeah. So give me a quick ring now and um… Your number will come up.

Girl: Perfect. So you want me to do it now.

Jon: Yeah, just give me a missed call and then that way it’ll just show me what your number is rather than trying to figure out what the dialing code is.

Girl: There you go.

Jon: 0018? Oh, 001. Maybe you’re right. It is America. Yeah. Yeah, 001. Alright. Well, it was lovely to meet you.

Girl: Lovely to meet you.

Jon: Have a good time with your friend.

Girl: Thank you.

Jon: And I will speak to you soon, yeah?

Girl: Yes.

Jon: Alright.

Gil: Okay, bye.

Jon: Bye.

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