How To Pick Up Women In Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

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Video Transcript:

Hey guys, Jon Matix here for Now daygame is the art of meeting and attracting women during the daytime. This is a little series we’re doing called “Daygame Anywhere” where we show you daygame in lots of different places. Anywhere basically. This week it’s my turn to do a supermarket.

Now, what can I expect from talking to a woman in a supermarket? I can expect a slightly high pressure social situation, and I can expect a girl to be kind of busy with what she’s doing and preoccupied with doing her shopping, wherever it is, whatever shop you’re going into. So supermarkets can be a tough one but we’ll give it a go and see what happens.

Jon: Excuse me. Sorry. Can I just tell you something real quick? Ok, I know this is a bit weird

Girl: No.

Jon: And you’re doing your shopping but I saw you and I thought you looked very nice.

Girl: Well, thank you.

Jon: So I wanted to come and say hello. But I’ll tell you what I noticed about you, is you’ve got a very like non-English look. You look kind of maybe Scandinavian, like your face, but the way you’re dressed is actually quite English. You look like you’re about to go out horse riding. Something like that, you know.

Girl: Thank you. I’m from Estonia.

Jon: Huh?

Girl: I’m from Estonia so it’s near by Finland.

Jon: Right, okay.

Girl: South of Finland so hence the blonde hair.

Jon: Yeah, yeah. Well I’ve never been to Estonia but when I think about it I imagine it’s a bit like Russia.

Girl: Not at all.

Jon: So it snows a lot.

Girl: It snows a lot.

Jon: Everybody wears like fur. Everybody’s really tall and you all drink a bit too much vodka.

Girl: Yeah, maybe.

Jon: So you like war?

Girl: Well…

Jon: I don’t understand want would make somebody want to go and study war.

Girl: Yeah, I do. I like country studies. Yeah. International security is my thing.

Jon: So you’re going to end up with a degree in war?

Girl: In international security.

Jon: Okay. That sounds kind of ominous. Like, you could end up working for like MI6 or one of those big spy companies.

Girl: Unfortunately I can’t. I don’t have a British nationality.

Jon: Or the Estonian KGB or something.

Girl: I can’t tell you now can I?

Jon: No, even if you were you wouldn’t be able to tell me, you know. So how long have you been her for?

Girl: Oh, I did my undergrad here as well, so… For quite awhile. Almost 4 years.

Jon: 4 years?

Girl: Almost.

Jon: So you’re like a proper Londoner now, you know.

Girl: No, I just moved to London.

Jon: Where did you live before?

Girl: Between Manchester and Birmingham.

Jon: I was going to guess somewhere like in the country where you ride horses or something.

Girl: I don’t ride horses.

Jon: No?

Girl: No.

Jon: It’s just the look.

Girl: I just like the look. It went nuts. I started riding and I was like ‘Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. How can I get off?’

Jon: The thing is, right, if you fall off and it kicks you in the head you’re going to die.

Girl: Big time.

Jon: And they shit everywhere. You know when you see it in the street and the police walk with the horses and they just have to shit in the middle of the street and the just leave it, you know.

Girl: What to do? Dogs do it, cats do it.

Jon: But they are very beautiful animals, horses. Very like majestic. You know?

Girl: Maybe, I don’t know. I’m not the kind of a girl who goes crazy about horses and dolphins so.

Jon: And dolphins?

Girl: That’s usually a girl thing right? You know, girls like horses and dolphins.

Jon: I don’t know. Dolphins are pretty interesting though.

Girl: Really?

Jon: Yeah. Do you know something? Like, dolphins are the only other animals apart from humans that have sex for pleasure. You know what?

Girl: Really.

Jon: Yeah, yeah.

Girl: I didn’t know that. That’s a first.

Jon: Yeah, yeah. They’re supposed to be really intelligent.

Girl: Every day’s a school day.

Jon: So, I mean, have you ever swam with dolphins.

Girl: No I haven’t.

Jon: Okay. No, no. Neither have I.

Girl: You ask really strange questions.

Jon: I don’t know, you know.

Girl: Fair enough. Yeah horses, dolphins…

Jon: Alright, well here’s a not so strange question… What’s your name?

Girl: Monica.

Jon: Monica? Jon.

Girl: Nice to meet you.

Jon: Nice to meet you. Anyway, well listen Monique, I’ll let you get back to buying your stuff but I would love to invite you out sometime.

Girl: Yeah, why not.

Jon: Yeah? Okay. Can I put those in your basket for one second? Okay. Is it spelled Monica, how I think it’s spelled?

Girl: With a “k”.

Jon: Oh, with a k? Okay. Yeah, go on…

Girl: Uh, zero seven…

Jon: Yeah… Cool. Alright Monica. I’ll take my coffee back.

Girl: Take your coffee back, yeah.

Jon: And it was lovely to meet you. And I’ll talk to you soon, yeah? Alright, bye.

Okay guys, I think that went quite well. She was pretty fun to talk to. We had a bit of banter, she was quite chatty, quite flirty.

One thing I would mention is when you’re in a supermarket it’s a very good opportunity to use a situational opener and to use like the environment you’re in as things to talk about. As it happens in there, her basket was empty so I couldn’t comment on stuff that she’d bought. You know?

But yeah, it went well. I got the number and while I was in there I also got some coffee too. So I’m going to go home right now and drink it.

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