How To Approach And Pick Up An Attractive Italian Girl

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Video Transcript:

Tom: Sorry, your English is okay?

Girl: Umm, it’s quite good.

Tom: I just saw you and I think you look very nice. Very, very Slavic Okay. You were walking past like a cat. You were walking past with a proud kind of walk. And it’s nice.

Girl: Okay.

Tom: In London people kind of amble around. But you were strutting forward.

Girl: Ah.

Tom: And I did notice, what I did notice was your shoes.

Girl: Ah.

Tom: Because English girls would never wear those shoes on a Thursday.

Girl: So guess which nationality…

Tom: Well, I originally thought Slavic didn’t I. But your accent is not.

Girl: Italian.

Tom: No, I don’t believe you. Because in London Italians wear white skinny jeans…

Girl: I’m not a typical Italian.

Tom: And Converse flat shoes.

Girl: I’m not a typical Italian.

Tom: You’re not a typical Italian girl?

Girl: No, no.

Tom: In what sense are you not typical?

Girl: I don’t know.

Tom: Are you feisty? Are you feisty? That means do you have fire in your stomach?

Girl: I’m more easy, I’m easier than all the Italian girls like I’m… I don’t know.

Tom: Okay. Because we imagine Italian girls to be quite um, passionate. So when they’re happy they’re happy and when they’re angry they’re angry.

Girl: I’m a quite person. I’m not like blah, blah, blah. And uh…

Tom: Do you shout? Do you scream?

Girl: No.

Tom: No? You look very smart. You look like a secretary.

Girl: No, because I had an interview.

Girl: Congratulations. How did it go?

Girl: Well.

Tom: Yeah?

Girl: Yeah.

Tom: For something very executive?

Girl: For something very fashion.

Tom: Oh, okay. I don’t know anything about fashion but I imagine keeping it simple is good. You know, white and black. And good shoes.

Girl: I like black and white, that’s why. I always wear, I feel comfortable in black and white.

Tom: Okay. Listen, I’ve got to go. I can see you have to go as well. My name is Tom.

Girl: Elena.

Tom: Elena, another time I’d like to invite you out.

Girl: Okay.

Tom: Let me take your number. Is it English or is it Italian?

Girl: English.

Tom: Okay.

Girl: I don’t remember it by heart.

Tom: How is your name? E L…

Girl: ELENA.

Tom: What’s your number Elena? You said you’re only here since…?

Girl: May.

Tom: May.

Girl: Since May.

Tom: Okay. Zero… Strange writing. One six…

Girl: Do you know where Suffrages is.

Tom: I don’t I’m afraid but if you ask some other guys they’ll help you I’m sure. But I’m sure it’s around here.

Girl: Yeah?

Tom: Is it a big shop? Is it a big clothes shop?

Girl: Yeah

Tom: You’ll find it. Okay. Elena, chow.

Girl: Thank you.

Tom: Bye bye.

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