How Long Should A Sex Session Last? (This Is Sad)

How long does the average sex session last? Well, no one visiting this site should be “average”.

Video Transcript:

Dr. Travis Stork: We’ve all heard the saying “Timing is everything,” and this next topic definitely proves it.

We all like to ponder the big questions. Are we alone in the universe? Why do we dream? And most importantly, how long should a session last between the sheets?

Psychologists from the University of Queensland claims to have the answer. Dr. Brendan Zietsch studied the average time hundreds of couples have intercourse from all different countries around the world with the aid of a stopwatch. His results were eye-opening. Some countries enjoyed shorter romps while others reported longer intimate times.

So how long do sex sessions normally last? Can you guess the bedroom buzzer?

So Molly, this is a health show.

Molly Sims: OK.

Dr. Travis Stork: And we’ve always talked about how important sex is to overall good health. Going to put you on the spot. In this study…

Dr. Andrew Ordon: She’s blushing.

Dr. Travis Stork: …what do you think the average time was for a sexual intercourse session?

Molly Sims: I would say… How long is it for you?

Dr. Andrew Ordon: No! No, no, no! We will all have our chance to share. We’re starting down here. Molly, please say four hours, please.

Dr. Travis Stork: I will say this…

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Molly, I will take one hour.

Dr. Travis Stork: The average sounds too short to me.

Molly Sims: I would say like…

Dr. Andrew Ordon: You can say it. It doesn’t reflect anybody.

Molly Sims: Twenty-five minutes.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: OK, that’s not a bad run.

Dr. Travis Stork: Wow! Wow, Molly. The average time, five minutes and four seconds.

Molly Sims: Oh, really?

Dr. Travis Stork: I thought it was short too. Hey, and…

Molly Sims: That’s too short. Really? It’s five minutes?

Dr. Travis Stork: Yeah.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Five minutes, four seconds.

Molly Sims: Five minutes and four seconds.

Dr. Travis Stork: We know what those last four seconds are. Hold on, honey!

Molly Sims: Or don’t move.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: I mean…

Dr. Andrew Ordon: It’s a 20-minute nap.

Dr. Travis Stork: I loved it. Molly’s answer was the average! The average session! Twenty-five minutes.

Molly Sims: Twenty, twenty-five –

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: You must have an awesome husband.

Molly Sims: I have a good husband.

Dr. Travis Stork: And I will acknowledge that when we read these stats, it’s surprising. But you have to understand this includes anyone and everyone. This probably includes some of those quicker sessions.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Here’s what I would say. This is not a medical commentary now. It’s also the quality that matters, right? So it’s not just –

Molly Sims: I agree.

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Is it 304 seconds? Those 304 seconds might be really great.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: You get the motor running so to speak. I mean you got to warm things up a little bit. So I mean the longer the better.

Dr. Travis Stork: I think so.

Dr. Andrew Ordon: We can’t go from zero to 60 –

Molly Sims: Well, I included that in my time. I included that.

Dr. Travis Stork: Twenty-five minutes? I like that. I like that number. I have to say…

Dr. Travis Stork: I’m looking at five minutes and I’m thinking, “What’s the rush everyone? This is fun. Let’s – like five minutes? Let’s keep it going.”

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Provided you can get it going, yes. I mean that is an issue. But I mean…

Dr. Andrew Ordon: Yes. Provided you can get it going. As you get older – you have a tendency to last longer, like compared to…

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Well, and a lot of women have difficulty reaching orgasm. So it might be five minutes four seconds for the man and at that point the woman is like, “Forget it. I’m just – it’s not going to happen.”

Dr. Travis Stork: Premature ejaculation is the most common male sexual dysfunction. It’s a legitimate problem for a lot of men out there. So while we’re having fun with this, obviously if you’re someone who feels like you suffer from that, it’s worth getting an evaluation. Not everyone can be Drew or Molly and – but last but not least, would you two ladies agree with this?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: What?

Dr. Travis Stork: The longer the foreplay, the better the…

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: Oh, hell yeah, right?

Molly Sims: Oh, absolutely, because I think – I don’t know. As a woman, it’s like – now that I’m a mom and I’m like – the time that like I have, it’s so – like it’s…

Dr. Jennifer Ashton: You have to make it count.

Molly Sims: You have to make it count. I have to like plan with my husband to go on a date or to have dinner by ourselves or just to have that little bit of extra time and it does make a difference. It makes a difference in my marriage.

Dr. Travis Stork: Well, it’s so very important.

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